Purchasing and Reimbursements

About Purchasing and Reimbursements

BEST supports the UC Berkeley campus with Purchasing services and assistance with select travel and entertainment reimbursements.

You can purchase most goods and services through BearBuy, the University’s procurement system. New BearBuy users are encouraged to take the BearBuy: Basics for Shoppers training. Please note that the GlobalProtect VPN is required to access BearBuy off-campus.

Effective July 1, 2021, faculty and staff must submit all reimbursement requests directly in the Reimbursement System.

Effective July 26, 2021, Supply Chain Management retired the Campus Shared Services form previously used to reimburse students and vendors for travel and entertainment expenses.

Students can request a travel or entertainment reimbursement via the DocuSign link on this page. A signed copy of the travel or entertainment reimbursement form is still required. Students will be asked to attach the signed reimbursement form and payment receipts during the signing process. The reimbursement forms are available under the Travel and Entertainment section.

To reimburse vendors for travel expenses, departments can submit requests in the Reimbursement System. To reimburse vendors for entertainment expenses, submit requests in BearBuy on the Payment Request form. UC Berkeley employees responsible for submitting reimbursements in the Reimbursement System on behalf of other payees can request Travel and Entertainment Preparer Access via sara.berkeley.edu.

Please email bestpurchasing@berkeley.edu if you have any questions.