Hiring a Student Assistant

Picture of the process flow steps to hire a Student Assistant

The above is a high-level process flow of the steps BEST takes in partnership with their campus departments to hire a Student Assistant. Below are more details about what each step involves. 

1 Hire request is submitted from the Department to BEST HR -- Department places and approves the SA to be hired on the Smartsheet through the appropriate Smartsheet Request Form. Position number must be accurate for a vacant position.
2 HR Generalist assesses hiring requirements -- A BEST HR Generalist will determine if the new hire needs to onboard or if the new hire can be entered into UCPath without onboarding.
3 Onboarding is required -- If the new hire needs to onboard, BEST Onboarding will send the new hire a DocuSign packet with instructions to identify an Authorized Representative (AR) to validate their work authorization documents OR to schedule an appointment to do so.
4 Completion of Docusign -- The new hire needs to complete onboarding (Docusign + I9 Verification) before or by the appointment start date. Late onboarding may require a damage payment or create an out of compliance I-9.
5 New Hire Paperwork must be signed via Docusign before the start date -- In order for the Form I-9 to be compliant, the new hire needs to complete section 1 of their I-9 by their first day of work and section 2 needs to be completed no later than 3 business days after the new hire’s first day of employment.
6 If Oath is signed late, a Damage Payment may be required -- The UC State Oath of Allegience will be in the Docusign Packet - (The Oath applies to US citizens only): If the new hire completes their DocuSign (which includes the Oath) after they have begun working, then they are subject to a damage payment if they have not a signed Oath in the last 12 months.

Submit Hire Request to UCPath Center -- BEST HR will either process a concurrent hire or a new hire template and submit it to UCPath for approval. There may be delays for conflicting paygroups or FLSA. ** Due to the short turnarounds for SAs, this step will occur after onboarding.

Check out the Glossary of Terms for Student Hiring page for more details about FLSA.

8 UCPath Approves Hire and SA receives Employee ID -- UCPath approves the templates. The New Hire will be issued their Employee ID Number (EID) via a Welcome Email with instructions on how to establish UCB Systems Access.