Glossary of terms for hiring Affiliates and Volunteers

On the Berkeley campus, common terms are frequently used with little to no explanation when hiring new employees, etc. Below is a list of some terms compiled by the BEST HR team to help departments understand exactly what the terms mean related to hiring an Affiliate or Volunteer, and what is required. 

Terms/forms/processes defined:

Powerform - A powerform is a template within Docusign that allows users to create a self-service document for signature(s). The form in the context of Affiliate/Volunteer hiring will include basic purpose of the Affiliate/Volunteer, duration of the appointment, rationale of affiliation, supervisor details, personal contact and emergency contact information of the affiliate/volunteer, patent acknowledgement, Affiliate or, Volunteer Code of Conduct or, Volunteer Registration Form (for Volunteers) and signatures. 

Affiliate - An Affiliate is an individual who is temporarily affiliated with the campus. An Affiliate may be a consultant, contractor, temporary staff from an employment agency, or other third party conducting business or collaborating with the University.

Volunteer - A Volunteer is defined as a person rendering services to the University where the University has control and direct supervisory responsibility over the manner and results of the services rendered, and receives no remuneration for such services other than meals, transportation, lodging, or reimbursement for incidental expenses, if appropriate.

Background Check - The University conducts Background Checks to promote a safe work environment, protect key organizational assets such as people, property and information, and enable the hiring authority to make prudent hiring decisions based on more comprehensive job-related information.

Background Checks may be conducted on new hire candidates or existing employees as a result of a transfer, promotion or job reclassification in accordance with the critical functions of the position. The full policy is found in PPSM Appointment 21, Section VI. All Background Checks will be conducted in accordance with University policy and applicable labor agreements. Detailed information regarding the Background Check process at UC Berkeley is outlined here

IOC Form - An Intercampus Order and/or Charge Form. This is the form used to capture the chartstring,  requester and fund approver that confirms the charge to pay for the background check. The Department HR representative should have a copy available for routing to the RA/FA to confirm the charge for the background check.

CANRA  - Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA) is a state law that requires certain University employees to report known or suspected child abuse or neglect. Employers are required to identify “Mandated Reporters” and secure acknowledgment of their reporting obligations as a condition of employment. CANRA also establishes procedures to report suspected child abuse or neglect or the suspected abuse of dependent adults and elders.

This applies to an employee who is considered a "mandated reporter" if their duties require:

  • Contact with children * on a regular basis; or

  • Direct contact and supervision of children; or

  • Supervision of other mandated reporters; or

  • Assumed full or intermittent responsibility for the care or custody of an elder or dependent adult

* This could include a student worker or intern under the age of 18.

Who is not required to complete the CANRA form: Those not defined as a mandated reporter as outlined in this Overview of California's CANRA document.

Cal1Card (MOU) Request -  If per the Contingent Worker Usage Guide an Affiliate title is eligible for a Cal 1 Card per an International Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Then refer to the guidelines outlined here and if necessary, work with your HR Representative to submit the request to the Cal 1 Card Office.

Note about the usage of the Independent Contractor / Consultant (CWR006) Title 

  • Hiring independent contractors is generally not allowed at UC Berkeley. Please review the links below.
  • This is defined as an individual providing consulting services to UC as an independent contractor or through a third-party independent contractor/company. Payment for services is paid through Accounts Payable (AP) in the Controller’s Office.
  • A Service Agreement through Procurement must be in place if the CWR006 Independent Contractor / Consultant affiliate title is to be granted access in UCPath. Please consult your BEST HR Generalist or HR Partner for questions related to this requirement.

Systems and Software Access for Affiliates and VolunteersPlease contact your BEST HR Representative to confirm the systems and software eligibility for a specific Affiliate title.