Important Upcoming Visa Deadlines and Updates

February 6, 2024

Hello BEST Region,

I am reaching out to provide guidance and important deadlines for J-1 and H-1B requests. Please cascade this information to any new or existing faculty that may benefit from these deadlines.

H1-B guidance and upcoming deadlines:

  • USCIS has announced that H1-B premium processing fee will be increasing effective February 26th, 2024. H1-B premium processing fee will be increasing from $2,500 to $2,805. You can find more information here. Any existing and future cases submitted to BRS with premium processing approval will have the $2,805 premium processing fee applied. Any questions about the new premium processing specific to your case can be directed to Berkeley International Office. As usual, it is advised that you always consult with the Berkeley International Office ath1b@berkeley.eduabout any H-1B cases prior to submitting a visa task. 

  • We encourage all new H-1B submissions to include approval for USCIS premium processing as submissions without it can be unpredictable and run the risk of not being approved by an employee’s start date.

  • If you have appointments with 7/1/2024 start dates or earlier start dates, we encourage you to submit those cases to BRS no later than 1/31/2024,  with premium processing approval included.

J1 guidance and upcoming deadlines:

  • As you start planning for your incoming Visiting Scholars and Visiting Student Researchers for 2024, we want to encourage you to use this J-1 Scholar calculator to help you determine how far in advance you need to submit your request or what is a realistic arrival date. Just complete the circled cells below and you should receive a recommended date.

  • This is also a friendly reminder to not let any Visiting Scholars, Visiting Researchers or Postdocs that require a visa purchase their flights or make housing arrangements until after they have received their DS-2019/visa stamp from the embassy. Timelines may vary by country or residence and we want to ensure that future visitors or employees do not have to reschedule travel.

We appreciate your partnership and if you have any questions, please contact your BEST HR Representatives. Any H-1B or Postdoc hiring requests will be handled by your HR Partner. Any J-1 Scholar for Visiting Scholars or Visiting Researchers requests will be handled by your HR Generalist.

Thank you,

BEST HR Leadership