BEST supports COVID-19 study in a big way

May 15, 2020

QB3's Lisa Barcellos and Public Health's Eva Harris have partnered on a a large Bay Area COVID-19 surveillance study and the BEST region is providing support. Their team is working in partnership with UCSF and the Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI), in addition to colleagues in the California Department of Public Health and other departments on the UC Berkeley campus. The data they obtain is critically needed to advance public health approached to this pandemic. The story was even covered on the KTVU News in early May

The effort is funded entirely by philanthrophic / non-Federal funds. Lisa and Eva's team are also sending 307,000 mailers to Bay Area households this week. If you receive this mailing, please respond!

Huge kudos and thank you to Lisa, Eva, and their team on this important project and also to BEST Region's Purchasing and RA staff, Donna Glover, Karla Rios, and Brenda Martinez.